Note: No attempt is made to supply all part numbers (PN), only the
most frequently serviced items. All PN's are documented on filed
receipts or can be readily obtained from the ZR-1 Net Registry
on request. Fluids & parts are OEM unless, noted.
Detailing procedures not recorded.

April 13, 1995   Odometer= 1
Production Date "Happy Birthday"!
July 16, 1995   OD= ?
1st owner buys from Alley Chevrolet, Seattle WA
August 1995   OD= ~2400 miles
1st owner trades-in toward a Ferrari at Ron Tonkin Exotics/Chevrolet, Portland, OR
September 6, 1995   OD= 2426
2nd owner (Bruce Wolfe/ Federal Way, WA) buys from Ron Tonkins
September 1995 to June 2002
Maintenance interval oil & filter changes
July 5, 2001   OD= 2854
Master cylinder replaced
September 1, 2001   OD= ~2900
Replacement, Diehard Gold #33075
May 23, 2002   OD= 3052
Replacement, Oil Pressure sender/sensor
May 29, 2002   OD= 3100
Replacement, right rear Bilstein shock (FX3 DTC 13 code)
June 1, 2002   OD= 3140
3rd owner (Bob Bloyer/ Missoula, MT) buys from Bruce Wolfe
July 2, 2002   OD= 3680
Replacement, Spark plugs (PN 5614355)
July 3, 2002   OD= 3680
Rotor hats painted, Silver POR 15
July 22, 2002   OD= ~3700
Installation, B&B 3" Stainless steel & X-pipe exhaust system
October 16, 2002   OD= 4452
Cooling system flush "Green" Prestone (50/50 with distilled water & all subsequent unless noted)
October 25, 2002   OD= 4498
Installation, K&N open lid & filter
September 15, 2002   OD= 4688
Oil & filter change (Mobile 1 full synthetic 10W-30 "higher mileage formula" and Wix filter (PN 51324) or filter cross references to (NAPA Gold PN 1324), All subsequent oil & filter changes same unless noted
May 13, 2003   OD= 4695
INSTALLATION: Dana Super 44 plus 4.30 gear set, Timken bearings, Differential housing drain plug, ZR51 Performance C4 Beam Plates, 3M Urethane (PN 151135-08609) for C-beam & plate assembly, Lingenfelter & Haibeck speedo correction gears (Driven gear & 45 tooth gear), Retorqued oil pan bolts, Cleaned checked all grounds. FLUIDS CHANGED: Power steering flushed (GM PN12345867-cold climate), Clutch slave cylinder bled/ flushed & reservoir cleaned (GM PN 12345347), Brakes bled & system flushed (Prestone Dot 3 and all subsequent unless noted), Master modulator valve prime pipe bled, Differential carrier changed (Mobile 1 synthetic gear lube SAE 75W-90 & GM friction modifier/ Limited slip additive PN1052358 and all subsequent unless noted), ZF changed (Castrol TWS 10w-60 and all subsequent unless noted)
May 23, 2003   OD= 4795
100 mile differential fluid change
June 3, 2003   OD= 4941
Oil & filter change
December 23, 2003   OD= 6400
Coil & plug wire resistance tested= Excellent
February 1, 2004   OD= 6400
PORT & POLISHED: Plenum & Injector Housings (IH), Plenum "Siamesed" & IH's "Knife edged", Porting spec to 36mm dia. ~18% increase to air flow, Throttle body airway improvement, Top end repainted (Lingenfelter paint code), Injectors cleaned/ flow tested and matched to intake ports, All sub plenum vacuum lines zip tied/ & checked for leaks, NEW OEM PARTS (White Racing Products): Injector "O" rings, Secondary port throttle solenoid, Purge solenoid, Vacuum check valves, Fuel rail "O" rings, Fuel filter, Top end gasket kit & exhaust manifold gaskets. INSTALLATION: Alspaugh/ Stainless Works Headers (304 Everlast grade stainless steel, CNC) with Swain Coatings "White lightening" TBX-EX ceramic thermal barrier, Stainless steel header bolts, DEI heat shielding/ insulation for all wires near exhaust system, Haibeck ECM-prom performance calibration BMCBG version 4 for '95 LT5, Haibeck stainless steel EGR block off plate (EGR system removed), Brake rotor hats retouched with silver POR 15
April 15, 2004   OD= 6400
Oil & filter change
April 20, 2004   OD= 6452
Installed 2 new BFG Comp T/A drag radials on 2 new GM 5-spokes with new LTPWS's and center caps, Original rear tires/ wheels & sensors now swapped for highway driving
May 4, 2004   OD= 6477
Installed 2 new Random Technology High Flow 598CFM catalytic converters, Custom exhaust alignment and welding
September 30, 2004   OD=8211
Chassis dynamometer run at Dave Smith Motors ("Dynojet"), Kellogg ID, Elevation= 2310
October 1, 2004   OD= 8372
Oil & filter change
June 14, 2005   OD= ~9000
Damaged: Reverse gear synchronizer assembly/ Reverse sliding sleeve & reverse speed gear, Estimate= $1760
July 29, 2005   OD= 9500
Karl Tyler Chevrolet (Missoula, MT) Air conditioner service: New accumulator hose and recharged system
July 30, 2005   OD= 9525
Oil & filter change
March 1, 2006   OD= 11353
INSTALLATION: New Zahnradfabrik Friedshafen (ZF) S6-40 540 Nm 6-speed transmission (SN 43837) Ratios= 2.68/1.80/1.31/1.00/0.75/0.50 & reverse= 2.50 (Bought from GM $1050), Hurst short shifter, Throttle body coolant bypass kit/ line caps & billet "LT-5" TB plate, K&N filter cleaned & oiled, IAT relocation kit installed, Goodyear gatorback serpentine belt (PN 4060805 6PK2045), Denso IT22 Iridium plugs, Earl's Hyperfirm braided stainless steel brake lines, 2 new rear muffler insulator bracket inserts, Cibie quartz-iodine headlamps & Narva +50 lamps, Replaced all engine coolant hoses & clamps, Stant 180 deg. thermostat & gasket (TS flange drilled @ 12 & 6 o'clock 1/8" holes). FLUID CHANGE: ZF changed (as previous), Power steering (as previous), Clutch slave cylinder bled/ flushed/ & reservoir cleaned (as previous), Brakes bled & system flushed (as previous), Master modulator valve prime pipe bled, Coolant flush and bled (Prestone 10% with distilled water and Red Line "Water Wetter" and all subsequent unless noted). PLENUM PULLED: Diagnosed vacuum leak= split line/ replaced, Zip tied connections, Inverted (upside down) secondary vacuum actuators were correctly reinstalled. Header bolts retorqued, Rotor hats touched-up with silver POR 15
March 28, 2006   OD= 11353
Oil & filter change
August 10, 2006   OD= 12100
WONG'S PERFORMANCE ENGINEERING (Vancouver, WA): Diagnostics for Stumble & die at 1500 rpm. INSTALLATION: New Denso oxygen sensors (PN 234-3094) and weatherpac connections
December 20, 2006   OD= 13270
INSTALLATION: Baer Eradispeed front 13" C5 cross drilled & slotted/ zinc plated rotors and Baer Eradispeed rear 12" ZR-1 cross drilled & slotted/ zinc plated rotors, Front C5 Z06 calipers and pads (AC Delco) with new caliper bolts/ pad abutment brackets/ guide pins/ boot kits/ banjo bolts/ crush washers and "caliper adaptor brackets" (Jeff Flint, Battle Ground, WA), Rear ZR-1 pads (AC Delco) and caliper rebuild kits, Caliper powder coating (Customs by Mike), Master cylinder "brake bias spring" (Doug Rippie Motors, Buffalo, MN), Altec front & rear splash guards, Speed Lingerie black mask with opening. FLUID CHANGE: Brakes bled & system flushed (Valvoline SynPower-exceedes Dot 4, and all subsequent unless noted), Master modulator valve prime pipe bled